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Extra informatie DJ Demies

Although music had played an important role for Michel all of his life, it wasn t until the summer of 2002 that he thought of himself as someone who liked to share this passion of music with others as. Especially music that makes you dance. He started off being a warming up dj at the former Club Vasquesz in Tilburg. There he played with Ronald Molendijk (Soulvation), Fedde Le Grand (Sneakerz), Eric the Man and many others. But gradually he got a later slot which placed him amidst those people he was always dancing to, only short before. And then he knew for sure that he had made the right decision. As his style developed and the list of venues where he played grew, he realised he wanted more. More from the music, the parties, and also from the people attending them. He missed the joy, the pure enthusiasm which symbolised the house scenes early ages. He also learned there still was a huge amount of people that had never come in contact with house. And its power. To channel these thoughts and emotions he started a new concept together with Dj Fedde Le Grand called Spoiled. (www. spoiledpeople. nl) This proved to be a great way to discover in what direction to continue in the future. After a successful year of Spoiled, the concept suddenly lost its home. Vasquesz got sold. Michel then wanted to broaden his horizon, especially musically. Spoiled had reached its peak and it was time to move on. Around this time he was asked to be the resident at Gaia Beach. A new beach club at Aquabest, a big lake near Eindhoven. He was asked not only to play there but also to help out steer the club in a different musical direction This in comparison to other beach clubs at the Dutch coast. Deephouse was his answer. After a great year, the lake owner decided that one club alone was not enough and that they wanted to expand. Gaia was torn down and from the ashes 2 new clubs arose, a classy and a more commercial one. Stranders & Club Sunrise. Michel was asked to expand on his last year s experience and that was what he did. Playing at Stranders all summer as long as the sun allowed it. (www. stranders. nl)Next to this he had begun on a new concept. Spring* (www. dedagnaspring. nl ). With 2 of his best friends a new classy night was born. This event was held at a huge villa in the center of Tilburg. Spring* combined house, soul, funk and live artists. With Spring* his passion for music was again confirmed. Spring* also gave birth to “Sohe”. Sounds of Heaven & Earth. Michel came up with this idea after he met and played with a number of gifted artists. Nick Heijder, percussion and drums wizard, Tony Roe, who is magical on keys and Wouter Kiers, who takes playing the sax to a whole new level. Together they formed a whole new musical ensemble. This combo performs in numerous different set-ups, depending on each situation. But wherever the Sohe Combo played, people were impressed by the quality of each individual, as well as by their smooth interaction. Sohe offers a refreshing sound which combines traditional instruments with the ever growing popularity of the dj as an entertainer, and turns it into something completely new. This in combination with all performances as dj Demies, Michel has found a beautiful balance in where he has the privilege to perform a very broad spectrum of dance music, with only quality as his benchmark. And he hopes to keep doing it for quite some time to come.

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